• Stainless Steel Body
  • 10oz Capacity
  • 6 VIA carrying Slots
  • $16.95 MSRP

First Impressions
I’m a big Starbucks VIA fan. I love being able to whip up a decent cup of coffee when I’m running late or just too lazy to go through the pagentry that a great cup of coffee deserves. When Starbucks introduced their new instant coffee packets I embraced it whole heartedly and got their VIA Ready Brew Tumbler. It’s well built with good quality stainless stell and think plastic components. The bottom screws off and lets you insert 6 packets of VIA into individual slots. A via packet makes 8oz of coffee and since this is 10oz it gives you a chance to add a couple ounces of half and half without spillage.

In Use
Since this is only 10oz the coffee goes pretty quick. This is a good thing because despite having a stainless steel body, it loses heat fast. Also cleaning it is a bit hard. If you dunk it in water or get a bunch of soap suds in it you have to take the thing apart and let it air dry. It’s a real pain. I’d suggest you keep the bottom screwed on and just wash the inside and outside but don’t soak it. I like the VIA packet design but if you are some sort of germaphobe you’ll want to remove them before washing. If you’re like me and just rinse out between VIAs you’ll be just fine.

The Lid
The lid is simple but makes a great seal and is quite leak proof. You just flip up the stopper and you are ready to go. The lip is comfortable and offers enough space before the seal that you don’t get any lip leakage. I actually like the lid a lot except for one major thing. When you filp the lid open it sits at an angle making nose clearence pretty tight. Also it always has some coffee or condensation on it which then transfers right to your nose. So after some sips you have to wipe your nose to get the coffee off. I don’t have a huge nose in fact in might even be on the small side but this is still an issue.

This is a good mug but the small capacity and nose-coffee-transfer issue makes me hesitate to recommend it to everyone.

Final Score: B+

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